7 Denim Staples To Upgrade Your Wardrobe

Are you shopping for new wardrobe staples? Then you need to check out these denim jeans and jacket.

1.The Organic Slim Fit Carpenter Jean

You don’t need to be good with tools to wear these jeans. This is made from organic cotton so you can be sure that it’s safe for you. It’s also good for the environment since organic cotton doesn’t use harmful pesticides.

2.The Organic Cotton Slim Fit Jeans

This is made from a special fabric that is stretchy and yet substantial at the same time. It’s made with organic fabric so it’s produced without the use of harmful chemicals. It has a slim fit but it’s not skinny.

3.The Slim 4-Way Stretch Organic Jeans

This is the perfect pair of jeans for those who value freedom of movement above everything else. With these jeans, you can move, jump, and even dance around with no problem. Its beautiful indigo color is produced using the water-saving flow dyeing method.

4. The Athletic 4-Way Stretch Organic Jeans

This pair of jeans is made for active individuals. This is for people who are always on the go. It will not hamper your movement because it has a 4-way stretch.

5.The Skinny Fit Jean

If a slim fit is not enough for you then you should go for these skinny jeans. This one is superior to other skinny jeans available on the market. This is because it was made using a sustainable production process.

6. The Denim Jacket

The denim jacket is a versatile and classic piece that never goes out of style. This is something that can be part of your outfit all year round.

7. The Selvedge Slim Fit Jean

This pair of jeans provides broken-in comfort from the very first time you wear them. This is because it’s made with stretchable fabric. It’s long-lasting too.