Swimwear To Pack For Winter Beach Vacation

Winter can be a difficult season for those who love to hit the beach – even if you’re going somewhere warm. However, if you’re planning a winter beach vacay, now is a good time to stock up on swimwear. below are a few tips on swimwear to pack for a winter beach trip.

Choosing a swimsuit

1. Choose a swimsuit that is not extremely thin, as it will allow you to wear the suit for multiple layers underneath (think leggings and tights). Also choose one with a fabric that will dry quickly (polyester blends are best) in order to keep sand out of your suit and rinse off any chlorine residue.

2. When buying a swimsuit, do not focus on the bikini bottom alone. Choose a swimsuit that is suitable for the water conditions you will encounter – in cold weather, this should mean a full coverage top and bottom.

3. If you’re traveling to an area with chlorine or saltwater, choose a suit that is chlorine resistant because the chlorine can dissolve and become permanent in fabric fibers. Chlorine-resistant fabrics are slightly stiffer and dries faster than other fabrics.

4. If you’re going to a beach where the water is warm and sunny, but it’s windy, choose a swimsuit that can handle being wet. Choose a type of fabric that will allow for air flow and will dry quickly so you don’t get too hot. A mesh suit can be great for this purpose, as it will let in air even when wet and wont conduct much heat back to your skin.

5. If you have sensitive skin, choose a garment that has a pull-string style closure instead of a metal clasp. The metal will react to your skin and may cause skin irritation. If possible, choose suits with thick lining to prevent the metal from touching your skin


1 . Choose underwear that is suitable for the water temperature. If it’s cold or you prefer shorter bottoms, consider wearing a swimsuit with built-in underwear under it.

2 . If you have sensitive skin and plan to wear the same swimsuit more than once, consider getting cotton underwear that you can wash with the swimsuit. This will help kill bacteria and allow the swimsuit to last longer between washes.

3 . Undergarments optional! If you’re going to be in water every day, it’s a good idea to wear underwear on a night out in town or if you’re going out for dinner.