8 Stylish Suitcases For Your 2022 Travel

Love traveling? You need the perfect luggage carry-on to make your trips more convenient and favorable. And to help you with that, we have compiled a list of 8 stylish suitcases for your 2022 travel needs. Check them out!

1. The Carry-on Flex

This hard-side suitcase comes with a built-in zipper expansion to give you more room for your stuff. Its underside handle is one of a kind to make lifting much easier. It is simply gorgeous and will last you for a lifetime, of course with proper care. Such great value for money.

2. The Bigger Carry-on Flex

On days when you have to be away for days, you need a big suitcase to fit in all your essential stuff, even a little more. This bigger carry-on flex comes in several sleek colors to allow you to choose according to your style. They’re all stylish, easy to lift, and feature flexible rotating wheels for easy movement.

3. The Medium

There is nothing as amazing as having a medium-sized suitcase that can perfectly accommodate your stuff. The spinner wheels of this carry-on give a smooth ride, and its interior compression system makes packing blissful.

4. The Large

Want to pop some color on your upcoming long trip? Well, this bright suitcase will surely brighten your days. It’s made from potent materials for longevity and comes with a laundry bag to make your work easier.

5. The Aluminum Bigger Carry-on

This beautiful aluminum suitcase will get heads turning wherever you go. It’s such a classic, and can comfortably fit in the overhead bin. Also, it’s compact for train travel and even car trips. So, whichever way you choose to travel, it will comfortably accommodate you.


6. The Aluminum Edition Medium Size

A medium-sized suitcase is any frequent traveler’s best friend. And so is this onyx black luggage carry-on. Its aluminum shell is tough enough to handle the frequent wear and tear of baggage handlers. Plus, it’s simply beautiful for every kind of travel.

7. The Carry-on with Pocket

Coming with a water-resistant nylon exterior pocket, this black suitcase is thoughtfully designed to accommodate all your essential stuff. It even has a special spot for storing your boarding passes easy access and security. Such a smooth ride carry-on with spinning wheels.

8. The Daily Carry-on with Pocket

Want a small suitcase than can also act as your rolling laptop bag? This daily carry-on gives you that and much more. It’s so small and beautiful for every occasion. Plus, it comes with a pocket to accommodate your most valued essentials.