7 Boys’ Outfits To Look Out For This Summer

Sun’s out! Are your kids’ beach and poolside outfits ready?

As a parent, we all know that summer is the vacation our kids will enjoy. With that, beaches and pools are on the hit now. However, your kids’ summer getaway would not be complete without their wearing the best clothing and accessories. Here are seven (7) boys’ summer outfits from Abercrombie kids.

1. Abercrombie Kids Tie Dye Tank

This moisture-wicking golf polo is one of the best pairs you can ever get for the outdoors. It’s gorgeous, breathable, and so soft on your skin. Plus, you will love its UV-resistant features!

2. Graphic Tee (Sunkist Design)

Whether going on a vacation or just strolling at the mall, graphic tees will never let you down. This Sunkist-designed graphic tee is a fashion statement that suits the weather this summer. Its warm yellow color printed sun design and washed dye effect will make your kid stand out. This graphic tee is also available in 23 different prints that you can choose.

3. Utility Shorts

Partner up your graphic tee with this khaki utility short. This short is a cargo pants style. It guarantees a comfortable feeling to wear because of the polyester material. These utility shorts are also available in different colors.

4. Swimming Trunks

What’s summer without playing on the beach or pool? These Abercrombie kids swimming trunks are the best shorts to wear when your kids want to soak all day in the water—guaranteed comfortable to wear because of polyester and elastane material. It also features a drawstring in the waistband area for easily adjustable size. These swimming trunks are also available in different colors and patterns.

5. Abercrombie Kids Swimming Briefs

Wear this stretchy and fast-drying swimming brief underneath your swimming trunks. It is made from nylon and elastane materials.

6. Abercrombie Kids Sunglasses

Are you feeling a little fashionable? These A & F kids sunglasses have a dual purpose: protect your eyes from the sun while making a fashion statement on the beach!

7. Abercrombie Beach Towel

Complete your beach getaway accessories with this versatile A&F beach towel. Made from 100 percent cotton material, it guarantees a comfortable feeling on the beachside.