5 Skincare Products I’m Excited About

5 Skincare Products I’m Excited About

There are many skincare products in the market; however, getting the one that ticks all boxes is not easy. I have been in this kind of dilemma before, and I know how it can get frustrating to find the best skin care products. That is why I went out and my way and searched for the best skincare products that I know they offer a lot of benefits. And since I know that most people are often considerate of what they spend, I have covered some great skincare products that are budget-friendly as well.

Let’s take you through 3 skincare products I’m excited about.

#1. Brightening Peel Pads

If you’ve heard about Peace Out Skincare, you know what I’m talking about. I like this brand because they’ve always made skincare products that are second to none. The first time I tried this skin product, I didn’t know it could surpass my expectations. I was left with luminous and smoother skin after a few times of using this product. It has a combination of PHAs, BHAs, and AHAs.

#2. Matcha Green Tea

This product by an Asian skincare company, Purlisse, was among the first product I tried during the onset of the pandemic in 2020. I’m still excited about this product because its results are unforgettable. I bought the product at first because of its antioxidant property, but it even left my skin to be smoother and moisturized.

#3. Raincry Regenerating Shampoo

I have always been excited about this shampoo because it often gives my skin a rejuvenated look and protects against breakage. As such, it will remain healthier and more appealing.

#4. Atolla Personalized Serum

This is the latest product that I have been using for some time now. I trust that it’s also one of those products that do wonders.

#5. Color Enhancing Lip Balm

I’m yet to try this skincare product, but my friend has had incredible results out of using it. From what she shares with me, the product reacts to the PH level of someone’s skin to come up with a great shade that matches your natural complexity.