8 Active Wear For Cold Season Make You Easier

Trying to find the best activewear for the cold season is a never-ending challenge. However, by pinpointing your needs and making sure that you are buying the right pieces, you can make it much easier on yourself.


Whether you are at home or abroad in colder regions, finding extra warmth is essential if you want to perform optimally throughout autumn and winter. Despite being the most comfortable time of year to exercise outdoors, choosing the correct clothing becomes an increasingly important factor if you plan to do so regularly. Everlane provides an array of cold season activewear as listed below:

1. Trench

The trench coat is definitely a closet staple and the ones from Everlane are loved. It’s super lightweight, comes in a ton of colors & patterns, and it won’t break the bank!

2. Socks

Everlane cotton socks are the best. They’re incredibly soft, come in a ton of colors & styles, and they won’t break the bank.

3. Canvas Jacket

The perfect jacket to stay warm and cozy, yet still, look stylish. This can be worn on a foggy morning walk, but also with the everyday commute to the office. It’s such a versatile piece for such an affordable price point!

4. Sweater

Everlane sweaters are many people’s favorite because they’re incredibly soft, come in a ton of colors & styles, and won’t break the bank. They are loved because they are super cozy especially when layered under one’s favorite jacket or coat.

5. Cardigan

Everlane’s activewear for the cold season also features cardigans. It’s even better than most people remember them being, and definitely one’s favorite wardrobe staples for such an affordable price point.

6. The Caftan Dress

There’s a reason everyone is obsessed with Everlane sweaters! This one comes in 10 different colors & patterns, and it’s the perfect piece for your everyday wardrobe. Plus, it’s available in plus sizes too.

7. Cozy Rib Beanie

Designed with comfort in mind, these beanies are unisex so everyone can stay stylish with you.

8.The Perform 24/7 Legging

These are for women. Tights aren’t as practical as leggings, but once you go in tights you never go back… Right? Right. Everlane tights are the best & most affordable way to stay warm and cozy during fall/winter.